FORECASTLE Review: Day 1

Andr… Oh you know who this is

It’s like Christmas. Getting your wristband and going through the main gate is like running over to open that big box that has a Nintendo 64, you just know that’s what is in there. Instead, it’s even better. What awaits inside the Forecastle gates is magical. The bands, the sounds, the sights, the bourbon (which can blur the sights), the everything. Forecastle is always a special event, but this year felt a little more special. Every year it somehow keeps getting better and better. I thought I had seen the peak of it with Devo, Flaming Lips, Spoon, Wilco, and on and on, but they just keep it coming. I mean, c’mon. Outkast?! The Replacements?! Here in Louisville?! YES. Forecastle brought it. Like, really brought it. Writing this recap after a much needed rest, I can say it’s been brung. They brung it, big time. We’ll recap here some sights and sounds we saw, but it truly is something you have to be there for in person.


JJ Grey

We were on the move constantly, but tried to catch as much music as possible. We first caught a bit of JJ Grey & Mofro, and there’s nothing the rain could do to stop these guys from bringing their all to Forecastle. Right away you could see how pumped they were to be playing, and how grateful the crowd was to hear them play. Next up for the day was Against Me!. Not a single person was against this set! The Florida based band isn’t new to Forecastle, but this time they weren’t pitted against (me!) the giant of Flaming Lips. Instead they had time to really rip up the Boom Stage and own it. Probably the most energetic and enthusiastic crowd of the weekend was for them, and I wanted to just jump in there with them to party. Then it was onward to Gary Clark Jr.. It’s official, Gary Clark Jr. singlehandedly both brought back and stopped the rain. Well, not all on his own, his guitar and bandmates played a part in that too. What a great sound from these guys, a must listen.

Against Me!

 Rocking out to Against Me!

Gary Clark Jr.

But we couldn’t stop! Only caught a little bit of Local Natives but made note to check them out again soon. Also caught up with The Districts over at the WFPK Port Stage. These dudes were definitely my favorite surprise of the day. I was told by the Consequence of Sound and We Listen For You guys that it was a good idea to go over and check them out, and they did not disappoint in the least. I’m off to go buy every vinyl they have after writing this. Swung over to the main Mast Stage for a bit to see what was up with Twenty One Pilots and saw the most energetic show of the day put on by duded in skeleton outfits. Front man Tyler Joseph exploded on to the stage by jumping about 15 feet in the air off his piano. These guys played a small show at Bellarmine back in April, but it’s safe to say they are set for a much bigger stage next time.

The Districts

The biggest highlights of the day came later. Spoon and Outkast. Didn’t think I’d ever be able to write about those two on the same review.


Oh Spoon.
A friend of mine asked me a while back if I wanted to see Spoon in Indy later on this year. I never gave a real answer to that, but after their first song on Friday it was a definite yes. 100% yes. Hearing even a single Spoon song is like eating a single M&M, you just can’t do that. You gotta eat every single one within sight, and you must listen to every single Spoon song there is after hearing just one. They could have played for two more hours and it wouldn’t have been enough. A must see any time they come to a venue near you. Hell, go adventure out to catch them. You won’t regret it. An added bonus is seeing Rob Pope. An added bonus for him is that I didn’t scream Get Up Kids songs at him the entire time. Maybe next time…

Dude… shit… man… I can’t even.
There’s no words. If you were there, you know. If you weren’t there, you know. A special treat that we may never get again, but here’s to hoping we do.


Shout out to this dude who said he’d been waiting since 6am for that front and center spot!

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White Reaper, Mote, Dream Eye Color Wheel, Family Dog, & Night Visions Radio DJs @ Headliners – July 24

This is pretty much a bill of every band I want to see live right now.  Holy Carp Productions and Doppelgang Media basically took these buzzworthy bands in town, known for amazing live shows, put them all on the same line-up, decided to just charge $5, and have it at Headliners.  SLOW CLAP.  MODERATELY PACED CLAP.  ROARING APPLAUSE.  CHEERS.  EXCITEMENT.  JUBILATION.  No reason to miss this.  See you there!!

More details:

Holy Carp Productions and Doppelgang Media Present:
White Reaper
Dream Eye Color Wheel
Family Dog
Night Visions Radio DJs

Headliners Music Hall
July 24

TICKETS (or at the door)

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DOWNLOAD: Forecastle Festival 2014 App

We are just over a week away from Forecastle Festival 2014 and I KNOW YOU ALREADY HAVE YOUR TICKETS!   Now it is time to start preparing.  The 2014 Forecastle app is NOW LIVE and it includes full schedule details, artist information and an interactive map.  You can set up your personal schedule or sync your schedule from the Forecastle website or Facebook.  Download here


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