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  1. sandy

    so do i get one now??? bitch u better!

  2. Ashleigh

    I totally want a sticker

  3. Virginia

    Hi guys – long time viewer, first time poster – love your site! I’m surprised though that you didn’t review Led Zepplin’s rock opera, “Song Remains the Same”, which played at Stoneybrook Theater last night. It was fun to see these rock legends as young, passionate performers. The crowd rocked out in their seats and cheered loudly after each tune. It was almost like being at a live show, but w/o the smoke.

  4. nicholashart


    To be honest, we didn’t know about it. It sounds like it was a lot of fun! Next time you catch us slipping, let us know and we’ll post-it up. Thanks for your support.

    Nick & Cory

  5. Keith

    Hooray for new photos!

  6. Noelle

    Thank you BSSB for sponsoring my Christmas present! I’ll put a sticker on it or something :)

  7. Ken Wilson

    Gotta have a bumper sticker! Will it come out of the cup holder in my computer?

  8. Maestro J

    Hey, Just found out about your site. Love it!

    Keep up the good work!

    Yours Truly,

    Maestro J

  9. angie

    can u wear tennis shoes? thanks

  10. cat!

    excellent review of the jose show. it was really nice to meet you too. meg and i were wondering where we can get in on the drawing for the forecastle tickets? stop by and get some coffee…

    see you around,

  11. dead child


  12. Divinty Rose

    Quite extensive and impressive!

  13. Scott Zwydorff

    Hey, I dig this site. Can I get my band added to your “local talent” section? We are a minimal experimental duo called “Ape.”

  14. Zachary Todd

    Where can I find places that wants original music gigs?

  15. HipsterSpinster

    Great blog, I really like what you guys are doing and the shows you are covering. Good stuff!

  16. kathleen mcdonald

    yo! get a hold of me dudes!

  17. Lisa Adam

    Does anyone know where to find collectors of OLD, OLD, records?

    My father (Louisville, KY) has a large mahogany (Magnavox) furniture-type Hi-Fideltiy record player and stereo unit and quite a collection of old, old records ranging from maybe 1930’s – 1960’s.

  18. Nick

    The guy at Highland Records would probably know.

    You can try craigslist or post the highlights of the collection here and see if there are any responses.

    The guys at Underground Sound might be able to help too.

  19. Auto CD Mp3 Player

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  20. Jesse

    You probably should have put on some Dayton bands since they’re always putting you guys on. Just sayin.

    …and just sayin aggggggain.

  21. Adam Freeman


    can y’all do a review or a feature on my hommie J.Glenn’s new debut,
    “long time no see.”

    it really is one of the best records of the year, i would start with “haunted ways” and glide into “doubles rainbows” the whole album is very good!!

    Thanx guys!


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