PHOTOS + VIDEO: Bear In Heaven @ Zanzabar 4/20

I say it all the time, but srsly, if you weren’t at Zbar on Friday the 20th then you missed out big time. BIG TIME. Some people celebrate April 20th by lighting funny cigarettes on fire and getting high, and I celebrated by living the (Miller) High Life and chilling with my new bros Bear In Heaven.

Internet sensation Zach of We Listen For You and I arrived super early to have a hang sesh with the bears in the heavens before the show to do a rather serious interview. I don’t know if the interview can be posted yet due to the very controversial subject matter which was discussed over tea and biscuits. But rest assured, Adam, Joe, and Jon (the Bears) are standup gentleman with positive outlooks on life and are well educated on the hard hitting topics.

Yeah not really, we just bullshitted around with them and recorded it. It was fun times.

Oh they also played music for everyone at Zanzabar. That was fun times as well, so let me tell you about it. Are you sitting down? You should sit down before I tell you this. Go ahead, I’ll wait.
Ok? Good.
In the immortal words of a billion people on the Internet, Bear In Heaven “KILLED IT”. Yes, they were that good. You can stand up now. I guess you really didn’t have to sit down for that, but I’m concerned about your health and would like you to exercise more. Get up and move around for 10 minutes for every hour you are seated. Are the ergonomics on your desk ok for you to be viewing this article, photographs, and videos? Do what’s best for your health. A recommended dose of dancing to Bear In Heaven’s latest long-player – I Love You, It’s Cool will get you up and going in no time.
Please keep safe. Enjoy.

Oh, and I had a note to myself to write about how cool the lighting was. So, yeah, their lighting was cool. Especially at Zbar. Yup.


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