Get to know Spirit of ’68 in Bloomington…

Bloomington, Indiana is an amazing town only a short 2 hour jump north from Louisville.  We try to make it up there at least once a month for a show and record hunting at Landlocked, Tracks and TDs records.  With a strong music base and IU, local promoter, Spirit of ’68 has been a powerhouse in the area in attracting great shows.  Here are just a few coming up to give you an idea:

  • April 19- Hanni El Khatib @ The Bishop
  • April 21- Cults @ Rhino’s
  • April 23- Woods @ The Bishop
  • April 28- Gauntlet Hair @ Russian Recordings
  • April 29- School of Seven Bells @ The Bishop
  • May 1- Vandaveer @ The Bishop
  • May 16- Here We Go Magic @ The Bishop
  • May 23- Horse Feathers @ The Bishop
  • June 9- Bowerbirds @ The Bishop
  • July 5- Danielson @ The Bishop

Make the trip.  Check out an awesome city.  Buy some records.  Catch one of those shows.  Let us know if you are going, we can set up a carpool.


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