SXSW 2012 Recap: Doritos Jacked Edition

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Doritos Jacked: So good you’ll wish you were adopted.

I went to SXSW again. I got to hang out with comedians. I saw some bands play music. Here are some pictures and some videos I took at the We Listen For You day show. Surprise guests arrived. It was fun. There was a giant vending machine. I had free Taco Bell.

Kevin Barnes from Of Montreal.

Bro. Stephen

Radical Dads


The Henry Clay People


Dent May

Miracles Of Modern Science

If you made it this far into the post, sorry. No, congratulations! The videos posted are worth skipping over any words I’ll ever write, so why bother cluttering your view up there? I’ll do it down here instead.
SXSW killed it, blah blah blah, typical posts, Fader Fort, buzzband, I met this blogger in real life, GIANT DORITOS VENDING MACHINE WON SXSW, etc. I got tired of all that jazzy bullshit that everyone talks up about SXSW, though the free Taco Bell was enjoyed thoroughly by my body. Thoroughly. So instead of doing the routine of waiting forever to see bands that I’ve seen before, or that I can see when they come through Zbar, the majority of my time was spent at comedy shows. Here are my top findings:

Comedy Bang! Bang!
Hot Saucerman (aka Scott Aukerman, aka The Choctaw) was a busy person at SXSW this year. Comedy Bang Bang brought the wonderful people of Austin three shows, including a stand up showcase, podcast taping, and sneak preview of their upcoming IFC show. Unfortunately, I was only able to attend the single IFC show preview. Fortunately, the podcast was recorded properly this year and you can hear it on the Earwolf – Comedy Bang Bang page. The show at the IFC Crossroads House as it is called happened not as planned, but was still quite a great show.
The show included an intro song by Sir Reggie Watts, a monolog by Scott Aukerman telling us jokes his dad wrote and words about the upcoming television show on IFC, an angered Tim Heidecker, a question asking Jessie The Mind Ventura (James Adomian), and a weird guest spot by a man dancing around in nothing but his underwear. His name escapes me, but his bulge is regrettably vivid in my brain. Attendees were treated to clips of the new TV show, audience interviews by Tim Heidecker, a personal encounter by Enigma Force 5 founder Jessie Ventura, a wrestling match amongst all the hosts, and… the underwear man. Hilarity did indeed ensue, and any show where Tim Heidecker throws a beer bottle at you and James Adomian sweats on you is a good time.

You Made It Weird with Pete Holmes
Arguably one of the biggest podcast tapings of SXSW was the podcast by Pete Holmes. The star-studded lineup included Kumail Nanjiani, Chris Gethard, Todd Barry, and surprise guest Judd Apatow. Those in the know of who the guests were before arriving were there for Judd, but I was there for Chris Gethard. Pete Holmes hosted an almost flawless taping of this show. Everyone was engaged and on the same page every step of the way, which is hard to do for a podcast taping at such a big of place as SXSW. I won’t spoil any of the show, you really do need to listen for yourself over at the You Made It Weird page on Nerdist. I will now be a regular listener to this show. Also, Pete Holmes is coming close to us at The Comedy Attic in May/June, so be sure to catch him there and tell him how much you like the podcast.

The Chris Gethard Show
Fact: Not enough nice things can be said about Chris Gethard. From the story of Fesh, the checking in with Alyssa episode of The Chris Gethard Show, to keeping Diddy to his word on coming to the Upright Citizens Brigade, Chris (Ray Ray) has done amazing things in the comedy world, and he deserves all the praise we have to offer. Chris brought his wildly underrated show to SXSW this year for not one, but two shows. The first show was an “official” show in the SXSW Convention Center. This was a weird place for comedy, so TCGS fit in perfectly. The show guarantees that if the show is not entertaining, it will be so thoroughly disastrous that it will be an enjoyable experience and something to be remembered by. The theme for both shows was The Carnival Of Human Exploitation, a take on typical carnival games, but using the cast of the show as the clowns you would shoot at with water guns or throw hula hoops to. The cast was certainly exploited and the four contestants were certainly entertained, holding true to the show’s guarantee. The winner of the day show was crowned overall winner only after wrestling and defeating the Human Fish. Yes, the Human Fish (what’s he thinking?).
The night show which was unofficial and underground (literally) was the same theme, but was also a birthday party for a complete stranger. Chris and Shannon O’Neill met a girl on Monday night who was having a birthday on the Wednesday of SXSW. They offered to throw her a birthday party as part of the show, and she actually was down for it. Sam (think a less annoying and cuter Emma Stone) was treated to random people giving her gifts, a crazy show, and a nice birthday cake. Just another thing to show how awesome Chris Gethard is to total strangers. Seeing both shows were a personal highlight of my SXSW experience, and I may not have gone if they weren’t going to have them.
And if you don’t know what any of those crazy references like “the human fish” meant, please please please watch The Chris Gethard Show every Wednesday night.

Sklarbro Country
You know how much we here at the Backseat headquarters love the Sklar Brothers, and I was looking very forward to seeing them live yet again. This live taping of Sklarbro country included the band The Sheepdogs, comedian Ryan Stout, as well as a guest appearance by none other than Mark Wahlberg. Well not really Mark Wahlberg, but Dan Van Kirk pulling back the curtain as being the voice behind the ex Funky Bunch leader. It was a great episode for the books, and they had a terrific audience for it. The boys are nearing episode 100, so you better catch up!
Look for the live episode here at Earwolf to be up soon.

Who won SXSW:
Brendon Walsh
Every asshole blogger on the internet claims that someone “just won SXSW”. So to chime in, I claim that comedian Brendon Walsh won SXSW this year. He killed it. Brendon Walsh killed it during his stand up sets, he killed it during the Benson Interruption, and he killed it when I awkwardly said hello to him while Todd Barry stood next to us being all suave to a girl. Three kills equals a win, so here is to you, Brendon Walsh! Our SXSW 2012 winner.

Special shoutouts:
Chris Trew of The New Movement Theater. If you are in Austin, please check out this new space, it’s really cool.
The good people of Esther’s Follies for allowing me to be there all week.
Chip Pope being cool as shit while singing Hall And Oates.
Twitter followers that I met in real life.
Jenny Slate for being adorable while making poop jokes.
Shoutout to me for walking out of Ron White to try and talk to Jenny Slate.
This man:
(David Liebe Hart)

Oh, and there was some cool music too.

See you next year, Austin.

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