The Words of a Poet – Saul Williams

Saul Williams posted a myspace bulletin today with some words on his album, the music industry and new beginnings. I know its not related to Louisville, but I love reading this man’s words…Tour dates are being added….here’s to hoping he’ll come back around this year….

NiggyTardust! reigns supreme.

Life’s a calculated dream.
Deferred payment to the King.
While Tar Spangled banners beam:

You can’t un-ring the bell!

Do tell.

Rome fell.
Oceans swell.
Writers strike.

Atlas shrugged,
Artists unite.

I’m a business, man,
whose currency is freedom.

While it costs me
to speak my mind
here is what it affords me:

clarity, persistence, strength
a certain James Brownness
a Hendrixy sort of mojo
and a genre all my own.

Niggy Pop!

King of Gutter Glam.

Song keeper stock strut.

Invest, invest

my spirits are up!

Wind swept,
heart leapt
into a New Year.


Year of the Rat Race.

With Mayan Calendars
all in your face.

Check Saul’s album Niggy Tardust, produced by Trent Reznor of Nine Inch Nails, at NiggyTardust.com

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